Success Stories

From infancy to preschool, from sleep habits to schedules, we have nearly a decade of experience to help your child become a well rested baby.

Whether you are looking to help your baby sleep through the night, help your child stay in their bed, break a bad habit, put an end to bedtime battles, develop a schedule, break through a sleep regression, or any of the countless other sleep problems that can develop through childhood - we have the successful track record you are looking for in a team of sleep consultants.


“In one week, my 4 month old went from waking every 1.5-2 hours during the night (and expecting to be nursed back to sleep every time) to feeding just 2 times a night and sleeping 6 and 4 hour chunks at a time. WOW. I had more pep in my step, so to speak, after just a few days. Getting my son to sleep better led to better moods all around in our home - my son, myself, my husband and our 3.5 yr old! “
— Jennifer
What you’ll expect me to say about our experience with Ashley is true: My son did start sleeping through the night and he started taking healthy wonderful restorative naps. Ashley even offered successful guidance for my daughter, which was so needed and I didn’t even know it! But what you may not expect to hear is that this experience was transformative: I became a more confident, calm and happy mom. Working with Ashley is one of the best decisions I have ever made, not only for myself but for my entire “New and Improved” family.
— Lauren
When we reached out to WRB, our son had been waking up multiple times each night, was crying and sometimes refused to be put down. We were exhausted and seriously struggling and so was he. We knew we had to begin training but we thought it would take many nights, with multiple hour stretches of crying. We were delighted when the overnight came together rapidly-not even two days. Naps were more difficult for us but we had so much support and reinforcement from our consultant. We are in a great place now with our son sleeping 12-12.5 hours straight most nights, and never waking in less than 11.5 hours.
— Amber
As a mom of quadruplets, establishing and maintaining a strong sleep schedule is key to our happy home. Ashley provided me with tools and info to ensure as our girls grew from bity babies to thriving infants we were supporting their sleep needs. She puts you at ease, answers questions patiently and thoroughly, and is a great partner in the search for sleep!
— Amie, Florida
My husband was so skeptical of baby sleep consultants, but after seeing the results he is converted and telling all his friends about Well Rested Baby. Our little guy’s sleeping schedule completely transformed over two weeks and our whole family is so much better rested and all around happier! We can’t thank WRB enough!
— Corinne
As a new parent, you are inundated with recommendations, techniques and routines to get your baby to sleep. Rather than read through dozens of books (who has the time for that?!), I wanted real-time advice from someone I knew, trusted, and had experience doing what they were telling me to do with my child. Enter: Ashley. Her approach is calming, her humor is a necessity, and her experience is impressive. Within days of talking to Ashley, my newborn established a nap routine and I regained the confidence and structure I desperately needed. With every sleep cue I’m able to catch, I feel more empowered as a mother and I can’t thank Ashley enough for giving me the tools I needed for our happy, new family.
— Caroline
I just can’t say enough about how much better my baby and mom and dad are sleeping. I literally feel like a fog that was affecting every aspect on my life has been lifted. Cannot thank WRB enough!
— Liz
Working with Ashley has really been a dream come true. In under 2 weeks, my baby went from napping inconsistently, and waking up at least once a night, to taking 2 full naps every day, and sleeping through the night! Ashley is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone!
— Amanda
Over the last few weeks ago my 2.5 year old daughter completely stopped sleeping - with a new baby at home, we were at the end of our rope. Ashley was able to send us a specific plan that got her back to being an incredible sleeper in TWO nights! I had no idea Ashley could actually make miracles happen. If your kids are having sleep problems, I highly recommend you check her out. We owe her our sanity!
— Heather

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