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Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or are creating the perfect nursery, we have you covered from infancy well into childhood. WRB-Approved products are tried, true, and well tested over the course of nearly 10 years in the business.


Problem Solvers

WRB-approved products that can break or even prevent bad sleep habits from forming.

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What do i do about leaky diapers?

sposie diaper boosters

If your child wakes with a leaky diaper, diaper boosters will provide the extra absorption your baby needs to feel dry and sleep longer.


How to i prevent crib climbing?

Zipadee-Zip Sleep Sack

If your toddler is showing signs of readiness and eagerness to climb out of their crib, the Zipadeezee’s shoulder-toe coverage (including arms) will help inhibit climbing tendencies by slightly restricting full arm and leg motion.


What do I make my child’s room darker?

black electrical tape

A dark  room is essential to achieving fully restorative, healthy sleep. Black electrical tape can be used to cover any unnecessary lighting on devices such as humidifiers, sound machines, and thermostats. 

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How can i help my child take better naps at daycare?

Rohm Portable Sound Machine

Sleep environments at daycare or school are often louder than ideal.  The Rohm, a portable sound machine by the makers of Dohm, clips nicely to the outside of a crib creating ambient white noise to promote longer naps outside of the home.


What if my child will only sleep in a swing or bouncy seat?

Baby bjorn bouncer

Unlike other bouncey seats, The Babybjorn Bouncer, bounces with a child’s movement rather than a battery. As baby becomes more tired the bouncing slows or stops, preventing your child from developing dependence on virbration and movement to calm or sleep.



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