Every WRB Consultant is compassionate, supportive, and educated with certification in their area of expertise.

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Ashley Chanter Rizzo

Owner & certified pediatric sleep consultant

Ashley has always considered sleep a hobby. After having her first set of twins (That’s right, she has two!), it became a passion. Ashley (of Ridgefield, CT) experienced firsthand how building healthy sleep habits made the everyday possible; from running errands to outings, from playtime to mealtime, everything was manageable and fun with two well rested babies. She knew immediately and passionately that she had to share the gift of sleep with other families. Ashley was certified by the Family Sleep Institute in 2017. Since then her passion for guiding, supporting, and empowering parents through the fourth trimester and beyond has only grown! Ashley strives to help families to experience the positivity, calm, and predictability that comes from having a well rested family, just as hers has.


Amanda Vriens

certified pediatric sleep consultant

After Amanda had her first child, she quickly found out how important sleep was. Not only for herself, but for everyone in her family. As a former military spouse, located outside Charleston, SC, Amanda was left to single parent for long periods at a time and she quickly realized she couldn’t do it with restless nights. After having her second child, she realized helping babies learn how to sleep was her calling. She attended the Family Sleep Institute and became a Certified Sleep Consultant. Amanda understands how hard it can be juggling schedules, the little ones’ nap times, and life in general. Teaching babies how to sleep has become a passion and Amanda believes everyone deserves the gift of a good night’s sleep.


Kristen Northrop

certified pediatric sleep consultant

Kristen has a passion for helping families create healthy sleep habits so that everyone can enjoy those precious moments that seem to go by way too fast. Kristen has a background working with young children in the field of behavior analysis and became a certified pediatric sleep consultant through Family Sleep Institute. She was driven to become a sleep consultant after battling sleep problems with her own son. Kristen’s family, based in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, found that once their child’s sleep was in order, everything seemed easier and life was more enjoyable! Kristen feels strongly about helping families, whatever the sleep struggle may be, to make sleep a priority so we can raise healthy, strong, and happy children!


Lauren Stauffer

certified pediatric sleep consultant

Lauren has always had a special love for babies so when she discovered that she was having twins, she was thrilled! Despite all the advice she received, no one mentioned infant sleep. Naively she believed that her babies would “just be good sleepers.” She was wrong. Lauren worked with WRB to correct her own babies’ sleep issues and while doing so developed a passion for children’s sleep. She has experienced first hand the overwhelming and emotional impact a child’s poor sleep can have on the entire family. Lauren, of Boston, MA, believes pediatric sleep is a topic that deserves more attention and all expecting parents should have the opportunity to learn the skills they will ned before the sleepless nights begin.


Amy Lage


Amy prepared for the arrival of her daughter by reading every book she can on what to expect the first year. While it was excellent information, nothing mentioned infant sleep. After 8 sleepless months Amy contacted a sleep consultant. She found having a consultant’s guidance and support was priceless. From there, Amy’s career as a sleep consultant began once she completed her sleep consultant certification at the Family Sleep Institute. Since then she has worked with hundreds of families to help them develop healthy sleep habits and the skills needed to ensure a lifetime of sleeping! Amy, of the greater-Boston-area, no longer serves as a sleep consultant, but her and philosophies live on through our practice and our blog.