WRB Sleep Shop

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or are creating the perfect nursery, we have you covered from infancy well into childhood. WRB-Approved products are tried, true, and well tested over the course of nearly 10 years in the business.


For the Nursery

Creating the perfect nursery or bedroom means using the right products to promote sleep.

Swaddles & Sleep Sacks

While many babies resist the swaddle, it is the recreation of  the snug womb than can comfort a fussy baby and promote sleep.


summer infant swaddle pod

0-2 months


summer infant adjustable swaddle

3-6 months


Halo sleep sack

6 months+



transitional sleep sack and beyond


Sound Machine

White noise helps promote lengthy sleep by recreating the low rumble of the womb for small infants and drowning out household and environmental noise for children of all ages




Blackout Blinds

Our natural sleep rhythms are very sensitive to light. Therefore, the darker the room, the better the sleep!


REdi shade blackout blind



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