Well Rested Baby's Sleep Tips for Travel

Whether it be the summer, the holidays, or a planned get-away, travel with kids is almost inevitable, but that doesn’t mean sleepless nights are too! 

Here are our top sleep tips for travel to leave you feeling rested from day one:

Planning Your Trip

Protect your child’s sleep as you head into your trip. A well rested child will be less likely to experience drastic change in temperament or sleep behaviors from a slight change in their sleep schedule or environment than a child who is overtired to begin with!

During Travel

If your trip is local and it is possible, plan your travel times around nap times.

If a sleep on-the-go is unavoidable:

  • Practice a modified version of your naptime or bedtime routine so your littlest traveler understands, that it is time for sleep.

  • On a flight, wearing your baby in a carrier is a secure, yet comfortable option to ensure rest.

  • For long flights or a redeye, call your airline in advance. Many offer sky cots – a small travel bed that can be installed in front of your seat. 

During Your Stay

To help your little one feel more comfortable, mimic your child’s sleep space on the go:

  • Bring a pack n playor call your hotel in advance to request a crib

  • Pack your child’s sheets.  For older children don’t forget their favorite lovey and/or blanket.

  • Make the room as dark as possible with travel blackout blinds.

  • Don’t forget your white noise machinetoo!

Do your best to stick to your regular schedule – including naps in line with your child’s circadian rhythm and their usual, flexible bedtime. 

Manage expectations and let others you’re traveling or visiting with know what your intended schedule is. While not everyone will understand, they may be willing to have an earlier dinner or wait until after nap time to start the family picnic.

Naps in their crib, bed, or pack n play are best, but aren’t always possible. Try to promote sleep in a stroller, car seat, or carrier at proper sleep times. After all, a nap on the go, is better than no nap at all. 

Find balance – if you have to keep your little one up late, do your best to protect their naps.  If you will be out all day, try to keep an early bedtime. This will allow you to pay their sleep back debt as soon as possible and limit disruption to their sleep needs.


When at Home

As soon as you get home, return to your regular schedule and sleep expectations. You may face some objection, but with consistency and time things will settle.

 In the meantime, implement an extra early bedtime to help your child catch up on any sleep they have missed while you were away!

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