The Secret to Keeping Your Child Healthy

Back to school season is here and with it - the viruses, colds, and flus that spread in a blink of the eye!

We are doing everything we can to stay as healthy as possible this germ season at our house! That’s right, we are building a bubble around our house! I kid, I kid, but wash hands regularly - check! Take those shoes off - check! Get those essential oils diffusing - check! You get the idea.

Do you know what else plays an essential part in maintaining a healthy immune system? Sleep!

Moms, babies, Dads, high schoolers - everyone benefits from healthy sleep! Sleep helps keep everyone healthy.

Well Rested Baby is a team of Family Sleep Institute certified sleep consultants that helps families like yours identify, address, and correct their children’s sleep issues (such as crib climbing and transitioning to a toddler bed) WRB works with moms and dads to create customized sleep plans that reflect a family’s comfort level and philosophies. When paired with WRB’s 360-approach, the entire family is set up for sleep success. WRB offers a variety of support packagesContactWRB today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can help you and yours get the sleep you need and deserve.