Are Sound Machine's Safe?


Have you seen the news of a recent sound machine study? It is all over the tv and social media.

It’s a bit confusing to understand with many experts citing different answers to the question, “are sound machines safe?” Be sleep enthusiasts and certified sleep consultants we thought we would weigh in…

Of course the use of these machines at high octaves is unadvisable as is their placement too close to an infants ears, but we fully stand behind sound machines used as directed by experts like Dr. Harvey Karp (cited in this CNN article) and our favorite Dr. Marc Weissbluth.

Karp advises the sound machine should be the volume of a soft shower.

Weissbluth believes that parents can still use the machines, with new precautions. “If it’s too close or it’s too loud, this might not be healthy for your baby,” he said, “but a quiet machine that’s far away may cause no harm whatsoever.”

It is important to be aware of these recommendations and utilize sound machines in a safe manner! This study is really just a good reminder to take care in providing our children with a safe and healthy sleep environment.

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