Sleep Training Science

Myth: Sleep training is synonymous with the "cry-it-out" method.

Fact: Researchers today are investigating a wide range of gentler sleep training approaches that can help.

NPR takes a closer look at the science behind sleep training breaking down many of the barriers parents face emotionally as they decide to sleep train, by showing the softer side of sleep training. There are more options than cry it out! As Jodi Mindell says in the article, "I think unfortunately sleep training has gotten a really bad rap because it's been equated with this moniker called 'cry it out.”

Well Rested Baby consultants are certified by the Family Sleep Institute. Unlike other sleep consultant programs, the Family Sleep Institute educates and trains their students on several affective sleep training methods, including gentle options! Through our continued education courses, WRB consultants are always up to date! We help families like yours identify, address, and correct their children’s sleep issues. WRB works with moms and dad’s to create customized sleep plans that reflect a family’s comfort level and philosophies. When paired with WRB’s 360-approach, the entire family is set up for sleep success. WRB offers a variety of support packages.ContactWRB today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can help you and yours get the sleep you need and deserve.