Top 10 Back To School Sleep Tips

Remember five minutes ago when summer was just starting and you had all the time in the world to do all the fun things?  Well that flew by just as fast as your child’s first years and sadly, it is time to make the transition to back to school mode; this includes your child’s school-time sleep routine! A well-rested child is proven to have increased attention spans and are more willing and able to learn!


Here are 10 back to school sleep tips to help make the adjustment:


1. Start Early

Don’t pull the classic kid move and start a project the night before it is due. If your child’s bedtime and waketime have drifted later in the day begin to adjust bedtimes and wake times in 15-minute increments every 3 days to help reset their internal clock.

2.   Prioritize sleep

Back to school is an exciting time and your family’s calendar can fill up fast! Don’t let too many after school activities break your commitment to healthy sleep. 

3.   Hold a family meeting

Gather your family playfully discuss the importance of sleep and the roles it plays in their energy and success.  Share what is expected of them (routines, bedtime, etc.) and agree on a plan of action! 

4.   Dust off nightly routines

Reintroduce and/or fine tune your bedtime routine to limit procrastination and frustration come nighttime. 

5.   Limit TV and tablets

Blue lights produced by TVs, tablets, and phones are stimulating.  Introduce a “no-screen” rule at least an hour before bedtime.

6.   Get moving

With school back in session your child is probably sitting much more than they have been the past several months.  Make sure they are getting exercise and working off all that pent up energy! 

7.   Use natural light to your advantage

Help your children soak in the sun first thing in the morning to help adjust their internal clocks and boost their energy! 

8.   Commit to a schedule

Once your child’s bedtime routine and schedule is well defined stick to it! Yes, even on the weekend! 

9.   Limit sweets

Summer can be the season of indulgence with ice cream, popsicles, s’mores and other summer time sweets – limit your child’s sugar intake as you head into the afternoon and evening hours. 

   10. Prime your child’s room for sleep

If you haven’t done so already make sure your child’s room is set up to encourage sleep.  A prime sleep environment is cool and dark. Throw in a white noise machine for good measure if you are concerned about older siblings and general household and street noise. 

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