3 Ways to Fix Day-Night Confusion

Does your newborn baby asleep all day only to stay awake all night? Welcome to the club!  

Almost all newborns experience Day-Night Confusion.  The good news is, you can help correct your infant’s sleep pattern with time and three easy steps!

Get Active and Get Outside

  • Use natural light to your advantage!  Open the curtains, blinds, and get outside.  The exposure to natural light will help direct your little one’s internal clock. 

  • Use daytime for playtime! When your baby is awake interact with active play and plenty of talking.  

  • Don’t be shy! Keep household noises and lights at a normal-level. We want to send baby the message that daytime is the time to be awake, active, and alert! 

Set the Tone

  • Slow things down! As you shift into the evening hours avoid overly stimulating activity such as tummy time and peek-a-boo.  Rather, introduce more quiet and calming activities such as reading books and singing calming songs. 

  • Quiet things down! Begin to limit household noise and speak or sign softly to your child.  

  • Turn things down! Just as we used daylight to our advantage during the day, we want to use darkness to our advantage as we head into the night.  Close the curtains and blinds and begin to dim indoor lighting.  You’ll also want to turn off the tv and put away screens.

Send a Message

  • Nighttime is for sleep! Promote sleep by:

    • Practicing a soothing bedtime routine that will serve as a cue for what is to be expected next.

    • Creating a sleep space that is conducive to sleep. Use a white noise machine in a room that is: dark, cool, and safe.

  • Nighttime is not exciting! Let your little one know this by being “boring.” If your baby needs to eat or be changed overnight: 

    • Keep the room as dark as possible

    •  Limit interaction by avoiding eye contact, talking, and singing

    •  Limit stimulation by remaining in the room which your child sleeps

  • Nighttime is not playtime! Your little one may wake overnight and not immediately return to sleep once their needs are met, but that doesn’t mean you have to entertain them. Continue to send the message that nighttime is for sleep by interacting with them minimally.

Correcting Day-Night Confusion is just one milestone you’ll surpass as you develop healthy sleep habits for your little one. WRB offers a New and Expecting Parent Consultation that reviews a child’s evolving sleep needs, emerging schedule, and how to develop healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime in a 45-minute phone or video consultation! When you can anticipate sleep milestone and understand how to respond, you can even avoid sleep training all together! The consultation also comes with follow up support to help tired parents through the hard days and nights. Buy a New and Expecting Parent Consultation now or contact us to learn more.