Make Bedtime Easier with This Website


If bedtime or nighttime sleep has become a challenge with your pre-school or school aged child, this websitefrom the Nation Sleep Foundation, may help!

I’ve found that teaching children WHY they need sleep, helps to make nap and bedtime less of a struggle. That’s because learning the importance of sleep empowers them to take care of themselves, while just saying "you need your sleep - go to bed" causes a battle of wills. 

So carve out an hour of your day and sit down with your child and discuss what sleep does for our bodies and why it is so important. Usewww.sleepforkids.orgas an outline for your conversation. Review the different interactive pages that explain sleep topics in a language that kids can relate to and understand – "Why We Sleep," "How Sleep Works," and "Can't Sleep?" You’ll even find puzzles and games to spike their interest.

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