Why You Should Hire a Sleep Consultant

Sure, your best friend’s daughter sleep well and you can always turn to her if you need advice. Yes, there is plenty of information about sleep available on the internet. Of course, your pediatrician gave you a sleep tip that helped a little bit that one time.

On the surface there are plenty of reasons not to hire a certified sleep consultant. However, are there are plenty of reasons to hire a certified sleep consultant outside of the fact that it is quite possible that your friend just got lucky, the advice you found on the internet is inaccurate, and your pediatrician’s training on infant/child sleep is minimal and outdated.


1.   A certified sleep consultant is a one-stop shop for sleep knowledge. 

As new parents your free time is limited and do you want to spend that limited free time reading through sleep book after sleep book? Certified infant and child sleep consultants have done all the reading and research for you and can provide you with the information you need to know.

Well Rested Baby sleep consultants are certified by The Family Sleep Institute. That means through continuing educations courses and certification requirements we are always up to date on the latest sleep-related research, products, and techniques.


2.   A certified sleep consultant can help identify and address your child’s sleep issues.

Instead of wondering why your child isn’t napping (or sleeping through the night or sleeping past 5AM) a sleep consultant can provide you with reasons based on science, research, and experience. A certified sleep consultant can also provide proven solutions to correct your child’s sleep behaviors so you can stop guess and stop sleeping.

Well Rested Baby has helped hundreds of families like yours get the sleep they need and deserve!


3.   Certified sleep constants will help develop age appropriate goals.

At any age there are standard expectations in regards to a child’s sleep. A sleep consultant understands those expectations and can help you make age-appropriate goals your little one is sure to reach.

At Well Rested Baby we never ask more of a child than they are capable of! We also won’t sell you short on sleep either! We’ll help you understand your family’s full sleep potential and help you get there in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.


4.   Certified sleep consultants will work with you to develop a sleep plan unique to your family and situation.

Each child is different; each sleep plan should be too.  A sleep consultant can help you personalize a sleep training method to address your child’s individual sleep behavior in a way that reflects your comfort level, philosophies, and parenting style. 

Well Rested Baby sleep plans also include child/family-specific details needed to set you up for sleep success as well as background information and reference materials you need to understand and navigate your child’s sleep in the future.

5.  Certified sleep consultants provide support and guidance.

Sleep training isn’t always easy or fun. (Anything worth having is worth working for though, right?) Through check-ins, humor, and strategic adjustments a sleep consultant will help you stay focused, motivated, and on the right track ensuring you have the tools to reach your sleep dreams.

This is where the customization of your sleep plan begins to shine! When you work with a Well Rested Baby sleep consultant you will receive the support and suggestions needed to make calculated updates based on your observations and your child’s progress to ensure you are always moving forward towards your goal!

To find out (more about) why you should hire a Well Rested Baby sleep consultant, see what our clients have to say!

Well Rested Baby is a team of Family Sleep Institute certified sleep consultants that helps families like yours identify, address, and correct their children’s sleep issues (such as crib climbing and transitioning to a toddler bed) WRB works with moms and dads to create customized sleep plans that reflect a family’s comfort level and philosophies. When paired with WRB’s 360-approach, the entire family is set up for sleep success. WRB offers a variety of support packagesContact WRB today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can help you and yours get the sleep you need and deserve.