Well Rested Baby’s 360-approach ensures that as caregivers we are doing everything in our power to make this process as easy as possible for each child we work with.


We do not ask more from a child or parent than they are capable of or comfortable with, setting our families up for success.

WRB consultants work hand-in-hand with Mom and Dad to develop personlized sleep plans that are as unique as the child and family they’re composed for. Our approach will not only correct a child’s sleep issues, but will build healthy sleep habits as well. Children will carry these sleep habits with them for life, ensuring each family we work with gets the sleep they not only need, but deserve now and in the future.

Finding a solution to your loved one’s sleep also means finding a solution that will improve your life.


How does the sleep consulting process work?

The process begins with a questionnaire. This questionnaire will give your consultant a better idea of where you have been, where you are, and where you would like to be in regards to your child’s sleep as well as a peek into your parenting style and philosophies. After you have selected the service package that supports your family, we will pass along the necessary paper work and schedule your consultation. During your consultation you will discuss the driving forces behind sleep, your child’s sleep needs, and best practices for sleep to develop a sleep plan that conform’s with your family’s needs and beliefs. Within 48 hours of completing your call, you will receive your customer sleep plan! Once in your hands, you will have one week to implement your plan at which point your consultant will be there to support you, guide you, and answer any questions you have each step of the way.

How do I know which support package is best for my family?

The sleep training process is a 2-3 week process. Your selected support package should reflect your child’s age and sleep behaviors, your personal coaching preferences, and your budget. Additional support may be added to a purchased package, but it is a better value to purchase consecutive weeks of support in advance. You can always contact us to determine what package would best suit your family’s needs!

What method does WRB use to sleep train a child?

At WRB we do not believe one method fits all. Instead, through conversations with your consultant, you will determine which sleep training method best suits your child and your parenting philosophies, as a team. We offer and support each sleep training method without preference and/or judgement.

What makes WRB consultants different from other sleep consultants?

WRB was founded in 2011. With nearly a decade of experience, WRB’s sleep approach has been well tested and proven to work again and again. You don’t have to take our word for it - read past client’s WRB success stories. All WRB sleep consultants are certified by The Family Sleep Institute. This means they are up to date with current sleep-related information through FSI’s continuing education program, trained in several sleep training methods, and are well supported by a community of sleep consultants and advisors.

Do we have to “cry it out”?

While “Cry it Out” is one sleep training method that we coach families through, it is not the only method! As Family Sleep Institute certified sleep consultants we have been trained in a number of sleep training methods ranging from more gentle approaches to more aggressive approaches. During your consultation you will discuss with your sleep consultant the difference in methods to determine what sleep training method is best for your family.

WRB in the Press

Since it’s founding in 2011, Well Rested Baby has been featured in:

  • Macaroni Kid

  • Boston Globe

  • Hoboken Mommies

  • Boston Parents Paper

  • Pregnancy & Newborn magazine

  • Macaroni Stork

  • Boston Mama Blog

  • Kansas City Mom’s Blog

  • 4 F’s Given (Fashion, Food, Family, Fun)

WRB Experience

Over the course of 8 years, Well Rested Babies has helped families:

  • Teach their child to sleep independently

  • Teach their child to sleep through the night

  • Navigate nap transitions

  • Correct sleep regressions

  • Establish age-appropriate nap/sleep schedules

  • Coach a child to stay in their own bed

  • Transition to a toddler/”big” bed

  • End bedtime battles

…and more. How can we help you?