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“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the help and support Amy offered us. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has never been a great sleeper. I was convinced that that was just who she was. Amy proved me wrong! Amy says ”any kid can be a good sleeper with proper training”. I am absolutely amazed with our results. My daughter went from waking 3-4 times a night and not napping during the day, to taking a 2 hour nap and sleeping 7pm to 7am. This was all within less than 2 weeks. It is a miracle! Amy was there for me every day via email with support and encouragement and always had answers to all my questions. I would highly recommend Amy’s help, even if you think it’s too late, it’s not! Thanks Amy!!”

Michelle, 2 1/2 year old Maggie’s Mom

“We practiced attachment parenting and raised a crib to the same height as our bed for a side car/co sleeper. We breastfeed on demand. We weren’t in a rush to do anything except nurture our little cherub. We rushed to attend to his every whimper.  At 8 months old our son was breast feeding on demand throughout the night. Waking at least 6 times and requiring 1-2 diaper changes. We used cloth full time.  He seemed to be doing well but I was falling apart. My right eye was twitching constantly from muscle spasms, my face was covered with a horrible rash and zero, scratch  that; minus zero energy for working out or intimacy with my partner. And just to keep it interesting I was an emotion firecracker. Without any resources whatever, keeping myself in check was well… Let’s just say aspirational.  Enter the sleep consultant. When I first told me partner about it his eyes popped out of his head. He did not want to spend the money. Friends and family laughed at the idea. As all new parents know, everyone has the answer about what to do. But here’s the thing – there’s a science to this stuff. It’s been studied. And Well Rested Baby is well versed on the research based best practices.  They will review your particular situation, review the methods, devise a sleep plan and provide support during the execution.  Every parent is concerned about what their baby needs. The truth there is direct correlation between infant and maternal health. Happy mamma. Happy baby. You’re baby needs a mom that is well rested, has a thriving relationship with their father and some time in the evening to relax.  I’m happy to report my health problems have disappeared with constant sleep, my relationship has improved and I have started to lose weight.  My baby is happier and doing better than ever.”

— Leiha, 8 month old Elias’ Mom

“Thank you Amy for your amazing support and help! My 6 month old daughter was still in my room, waking throughout the night, every night, and my husband and I were frustrated and incredibly sleep deprived. Being my second child I held off from getting help for far too long thinking I should be able to “fix this” on my own. Out of sheer desperation I finally turned to Well Rested Baby, and my daughter was sleeping through the night within a couple of days for the first time ever, taking good steady naps and her “witching hour” disappeared completely. Her learning skyrocketed and she began accomplishing milestones at an unbelievable pace almost immediately afterwards. Best of all, I was finally able to have some time to myself in the evening and even go out with a my girlfriends occasionally without worrying that she would wake up and I would have to rush home. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. My only regret is that I waited as long as I did to get help!”

Tara, 10 month old Luciana’s Mom

“I need to say THANK YOU. Cora is a champion sleeper now because of you!! She’s five and a half months old and takes three naps a day at 9am, 12/12:30 and 3/3:30. Most of the time she sleeps a solid hour and sometimes I even have to wake her so her nap doesn’t run too long and push the other naps too late in the day. And she’s asleep for the night between 6 and 7 depending on how her naps were and she sleeps a solid 12 hours every night. Amazing!! She’s so easy to put down to sleep now too. When we start our routine, she knows what’s coming and goes right to sleep when I put her in her crib. It definitely took about 2-3 weeks like you said for all of it to click with her, but it was so worth it!! Thank you!”

Samantha, 12 week old Cora’s Mom (One on One Newborn Seminar Client)

“To say my husband, myself and our baby were sleep deprived before finding Well Rested Baby is an understatement. Most nights we were getting 45-minute stretches of sleep at best because of bad habits we started when our baby was sick. We had a consultation with Heather once our baby was over 4 months old and decided to start a gentle sleep training plan. One week into the plan Heather created for us and I can’t say enough about how much she’s helped us. Our baby is sleeping 5+ HOUR stretches at night with only one feeding during the night in between. He is also starting to nap in his crib, which he had never done before we started our plan. Heather’s support and encouraging words were so key, especially in those first few days where the nights and days were long and trying. Her daily feedback was always positive, cheerful and most importantly, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend these ladies!”

— Nora, 4 month old Liam’s Mom

“I cannot thank Amy enough for all of the guidance and support she provided me with while I was trying desperately to get my 4 month old son Luke into a healthy nap and nighttime sleep routine. I was sleep deprived, and about to return to work full time, and Amy’s advice truly saved me! I officially said goodbye to the 5pm ‘bewitching hour’ every night. Luke was taking long, restorative naps during the day and sleeping up to 12 hours every night, allowing me to get the rest I needed. He is now almost one and still sleeps like a champ, and more importantly, is a very happy baby all day long!”

— Jennifer, 4 month old Luke’s Mom


“Dear Amy,

I wanted to thank you so much for your WONDERFUL business and let you know how much we loved working with Heather during our son Bradley’s sleep consult.

In just under two weeks our lives are completely different, our stress level is almost non existent, and we feel like we have our lives back! Without getting into too much detail, Bradley was sleeping a MAX of 2 hours on his own at night until we eventually would give in and take him in our bed for the night to sleep. None of us were getting quality sleep. As for naps, Bradley had to be held to sleep. Needless to say our days and nights were consumed with working around Bradley’s naps and who would hold him, who would make dinner, or clean (and if only one of us was home none of this got done!).

Now, (just 11 days later) Bradley is sleeping on his own for 12 hours and napping twice a day with no tears for at least 1 hour per nap (naps are obviously still a little inconsistent but for the most part he is sleeping at least an hour). We have seen a huge change in his disposition and needless to say my husband and I are both ecstatic. We are so enjoying life with Bradley outside of a sleep deprived fog!

I can’t say enough about Well Rested Baby and how much you’ve helped us. Heather was amazing. She went far above and beyond what I expected! She answered all my questions with such thoughtful detail and was so sweet and supportive throughout the whole process.

The fact that I can sit here and type this email to you enjoying a coffee while my baby sleeps soundly (since 830A!) is something I am so grateful for.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!”

Kristin, 7 month old Bradley’s Mom

“I wanted to send you an official thank you from this Real Housewife of Sleepy Town. I have said it before, and you modestly deflected the credit, but you have seriously saved us.

We have gone from spending at least 6-8 hours of every day working on sleep to now relishing those wakeful moments before a 10-15 minute independent settling period. It is not just about the restful sleep, it is about that enjoyable, amazing, never going to get back, energized time in between. Boston is now sleeping from 6-7pm to 6-7am, waking once to eat (per my preference and his age), and taking 2-3 restorative naps consistently. At times of slight overtiredness, he will fuss until the moment he hits his mattress- and then he is calmed. We are even surviving a teething-caused ear infection with no disruption to naps and just a bit of brief, back rubbing at night to get him over the hump, before we return to our usual routine. B has finally learned to roll over consistently, and is working on sitting up. We are also able to nurse without a shield for the first time since he was born; as he was more rested and able to manage the initial frustration. My milk supply has increased and B is now getting fuller feeds, since I am not nursing (for 30-60 minutes) to sleep.

Now that I am no longer waking 4-6 times a night with him, I am a better mother, wife, and friend. I can return to my list-making and housewifing duties. I am so grateful that you put up (with grace) with all of my challenging, wordy, and probably annoying questions and emails even before and after the official consultation period to best prepare me to move forward confidently and consistently. Your support was equal parts challenger and cheerleader, which was exactly what I needed.

Please feel free to share this note of gratitude with any and all- as mothers we are sometimes too proud to ask for a little bit of help and I can only hope more mamas are able to benefit from your fabulous service, for their tired bebes’ sakes.”

Katharine, 6 month old Boston’s Mom

“I have been following Amy’s articles for over a month now and they have dramatically changed sleep with my now 5 month old!! I also attended a sleep seminar this past weekend at the Children’s Piazza in Beverly and it was incredibly helpful!! I am officially addicted to sleep and learning everything I can from Amy and her team!! I highly recommend attending one of her seminars, following her posts and hiring her to get your little one(s) on track! Thank you Amy!!”

Kristen, Foundations of Healthy Sleep Seminar Attendee


“I tried so many things with my 9 month old, nothing worked and we were both up every 3 hours. With Amy’s help, he began sleeping 12 straight hours by the 5th night! I actually look forward to nighttime again!!”

Jessica, 9 Month old Henry’s Mom


“After a month of our 2 year old reverting back to some old, bad habits and picking up some new ones, my husband and I were at our wits end. Noah was waking in the middle of the night (often several times) crying and needing comfort. Then, he would wake up with an alarming cry and would not go back to sleep (as early as 4:45am each morning). He was protesting his nap time and his naps had been drastically curtailed with the same waking up screaming. I just didn’t know what to do, we were all exhausted and felt like we had a newborn again. We had tried to let him cry, tried to soothe him, tried leaving the door open a crack, you name it. That’s when Heather stepped in. She patiently listened to our story and helped us come up with a plan. We started on a Friday night and by the end of the weekend, Noah was sleeping thru the night. I had a renewed confidence with Heather in my corner. She was constantly checking in, supporting us, and allowing us to restore sanity into our lives. Her gentle approach was consistent with our goals and parenting style. Her techniques gave us the floor plan to move forward and ultimately, in a much shorter time and with much less crying than I had anticipated, achieve our goals. Noah is back to his happy self – taking great naps and sleeping thru the night. We are so grateful to Heather. We now have the tools and support we need in case there’s a set-back here or there and a huge sense of appreciation and relief!”

Jane, 2 year old Noah’s Mom


“Thank you, Amy, for all of your help these past two weeks! We started with a 7 month old who was waking constantly, ate twice during the night, napped three times and needed to be rocked to sleep for each put down. We now have a sleeper who can self soothe himself to sleep, is taking two consistent naps at the appropriate times and only wakes once to eat during the night! Not only was the sleep plan priceless, but the constant support meant just as much.”

Hannah, 7 month old Josh’s Mom

” I just wanted to thank you for the past week! When we first talked both my husband and I were officially at our breaking point with Bryce and the whole concept of sleep- from getting him to fall asleep to staying asleep in his crib. He has had an amazing day so far slept until 6:15 and has taken BOTH naps in his crib at the correct times and for at least an hour! We could not be happier with Bryces new sleep patterns. We do know that this is a constant working process especially his naps (and most definitely the constant daycare struggle) but we are so much more optimistic than we were before. We can honestly say Bryce is well on his way to be a ‘well rested baby’ and we honestly can not thank you enough for that!”

Becca, 11 month old Bryce’s Mom

“Being third-time parents, people are often surprised to hear that we enlisted the help of a sleep consultant. But with the sleep needs and the activities of two older children to consider, the baby’s sleep had suffered. In an effort to keep her quiet at night, we had rushed to fix her crying, and we had also resorted to all sort of tricks and gadgets to get her to sleep during the day. In the end, we had created a situation where our little baby was headed into toddlerhood with very little ability to be an independent sleeper. We knew she deserved to sleep better; we just didn’t know how to get ourselves out the hole we had dug for her. We were all tired, and tackling it seemed like more than we could handle alone.

In came Heather! Positive, engaged, encouraging, understanding. She made us feel like amazing parents for deciding to take the steps to change our daughter’s relationship to sleep at a time when we were feeling like we had failed her. We came up with a plan together, and Heather was in communication with us every day offering suggestions and support.

I’m proud to say that after a week, my daughter had aced her nighttime sleep plan and was doing exactly what we hoped she would. She even was asking to be put in her crib at bedtime! And after a couple more weeks, she now takes her two naps on schedule like a pro. It’s hard to imagine how far we came in just a few weeks. Heather truly gave our daughter and our family a wonderful gift. She is happier and well-rested because of it, and we are too.”

Margot, 11 month old Eliza’s Mom

“My little Lincoln turned 1 this week!! It’s been an amazing year, and of course, a big part of that is he’s an amazingly happy and easy-going baby, which is in no small part because he’s well rested 😉 We get so many compliments on how happy he is, and we always say, “It’s the sleep!” A HUGE thank you to Amy for all of her support, advice, and knowledge through this last year. My Lincoln is a busy, go-go-go baby, and so three of my favorite times of the day is when it’s time to go to sleep…it’s practically the only cuddles I get! I bring him to his bedroom, give him his issie and it’s like a trigger. His head head goes to my shoulder, he relaxes in my arms, and for the next six minutes while I sing to him it’s just such sweet bliss. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to experience completely tear-free nap and bedtimes so that I can have this special time with my busy guy.”

Sarah, Expecting Parent Seminar Attendee


“Amy and Heather are amazing!  They created a detailed plan for our son that we were comfortable implementing.  They were truly concerned with the results and were constantly available for questions and concerns.  I am extremely happy to report that our son is now consistently sleeping through the night!  We could not have done it without the help of Amy and Heather.  I would highly recommend Well Rested Baby to anyone needing a little extra help with a sleep plan for their child.”

Caroline, 8 month old Nico’s Mom

“I went to Amy’s class at The Children’s Piazza and loved it. She gave a great explanation of the 5 characteristic’s of healthy sleep that I have been able to take home and implement with my two kids. After a short time of following her advice my 7 month old was falling asleep by himself and sleeping longer at night. Amy is great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to get their kids to go to sleep and stay asleep.”

Kristin, Healthy Foundations of Sleep Seminar Attendee

Well Rested Baby is wonderful!  I have had every single one of my (sometimes silly) questions answered super-quick.  My son has never slept well, he is 11 months old and last night, for the first time, he slept 12 hours straight.  Thanks to the sleep plan they prepared and the coaching and words of encouragement, I am confident my son will continue on this path going forward.  Thank you, WRB!”

Lydia, 11 month old Myles’ Mom

“When my son Mark was an infant, I took sleepless nights in stride.  I assumed that the multiple wake up calls per night were all part of the parenting game.  However, when my 10 month old was still waking up multiple times per night and fighting daytime naps, my husband and I knew we needed guidance.  The help that Heather and Amy provided me with improved our family life instantaneously.  My son slept through the night within two days, and has been sleeping a full 12 or more hours per night ever since.  We have established a predictable nap schedule for him, which has completely eliminated the daily 5:00 pm ‘un-happy hour!’

More than providing guidance, Heather and Amy gave me the valuable tools and knowledge needed to understand my son’s sleep cues and educated me on how much sleep he needs as a growing child.  As a result, he is a happier, calmer, and more relaxed child, and is enjoying exploring the world around him!  I cannot thank Heather and Amy enough for the help, respect and compassion they provided me with as I learned to establish a successful sleep schedule for Mark.  I am so grateful to have had this experience with these fantastic women.”

Susanne, 14 month old Mark’s Mom