How Did I Get Here – My Journey As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant

This is a picture of my oldest daughter and me just before we decided to take control of our family’s sleep and hire a Pediatric Sleep Consultant (don’t we look exhausted!). She was about 8 months old and we had held off from reaching out for help because we were convinced that a) sooner or later everything would click and she would become an exquisite sleeper and b) that a sleep expert would simply tell us to let her “cry it out” (and that wasn’t something we were wiling to do). We had read EVERYTHING and were actually doing many things right, but she was still taking 30 minute naps and consistently waking for about an hour or two every night around 2am. Finally, after one night spent in a hotel room attempting to sleep sitting up with her strapped to me in an ergo (because she wouldn’t sleep in her Baby Bjorn travel crib without waking up the entire hotel), we decided enough was enough and reached out for help. Within a week of our initial consult, our little one was miraculously sleeping 12-13 hours a night and taking great naps…..and no, our sleep consultant never told us to leave her to cry.


Apparel Buyer Turn Sleep Consultant?

A few months later, our consultant reached out to announce that she was founding a school to teach others the amazing skill set she had used to help us. And that was it. I was hooked. Working with her was truly a game changer. As a mom who was now consistently getting a good night sleep, I was a better parent, a better wife, a better friend…really, just a better me. If I could help other tired parents to get back the quality of life they deserved, I was all in! That was about three years ago and to date, I have helped about 400 families to take control of their sleep and become well rested. I love my job and find it extremely rewarding. Whether my clients have a 6 month old who is just learning healthy sleep habits for the first time or they have a 3 year old who is no longer interested in sleeping in his bed – giving others the gift of sleep is an amazing feeling.


The Big Bad Wolf? Mother Goose, is Way More Accurate 

The biggest challenge I find in my work is that many people think as I did: that I will simply tell them to let their child cry. Yet that could not be further from the truth. I work with families from all walks of life, with varying parenting beliefs and philosophies. I do not use a one-size fits all sleep plan with “insert new clients name here _____” ;). Instead I tailor every plan to each child’s sleep needs while adhering to their family’s values. Some parents are interested in using methods that promote attachment philosophies, while other parents are more in need of a more aggressive plan. And guess what, both methods will all work as long as the child is on the correct schedule and the parents remain absolutely consistent.


The Take-Away 

I was once that bleary eyed parent, the one who had read everything, tried everything, and was still an overtired wreck (along with my daughter). I was the mom who desperately wanted my daughter to sleep, but thought my parenting philosophies didn’t jive with “sleep training.” I just needed a little guidance, a few tweaks here and there, and someone to support me through the process. Today that is my goal: to guide tired parents towards to getting the sleep they need.


Amy Lage is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Family Sleep Institute certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She is founder of Well Rested Baby ( She offers a host of services including in person, phone, email and Skype/FaceTime consultations that can be tailored to meet any family’s needs and schedule. Please email her at with any questions. Be sure to follow WRB on Facebook too more great sleep tips!

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