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Your Child’s Ideal Sleep Environment Are you expecting a little bundle of joy and looking for advice in planning your nursery?  Or perhaps you are looking to revamp your child’s room to create the optimal sleep environment?  Here are some tips to have everything in place so your baby’s room can be the perfect nursery and […]

Our article “5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Not Sleeping Through the Night!” featured in the inaugural edition of  LADY SAVANT: The Little Black Book for the Savvy Mom Spring will be upon us soon – before we know it buds will be forming on the arms of the trees and crocuses will be popping up out […]

Yesterday, fellow founder Heather Hartzell sent me this NY TIMES Mother Load Opinion Piece – Sleep Training at 8 Weeks: ‘Do You Have the Guts?’.  Sleep training at 8 weeks?  With such a sensational headline, I had to read it right away.  My immediate reaction as a mom and a pediatric sleep consultant was “hell no, I […]

As it’s National Napping Day, I think its appropriate to discuss the how and why of your child’s naps. Starting at around 4 months, your baby’s biological rhythms kick in and suddenly it becomes very important WHEN you child sleeps. We all have biological clocks called circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the rotation of […]

Here is my blog post for Boston Parent’s Paper on Sickness and Sleep. Click here for original article – “Sniffles, Sneezes, and Sleep”. You’ve finally gotten your baby or toddler on a solid sleep routine and everyone is getting the sleep they need, then – BAM – sickness strikes. Having a sick baby or toddler […]