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Quite often I receive new client forms in which a parent informs me that they have previously tried sleep training and it didn’t “work” for their child. Clearly they are open to trying again or they wouldn’t have reached out to me, but let’s discuss why their past attempt failed? Was it: A) Because they […]

Looking back, the first few months of motherhood are a blur. I remember telling my husband it felt like the hardest job imaginable. We had no training, no time for breaks, and absolutely no sleep—all after major surgery. Sounds fun, right? For us, the turning point was the moment we learned about healthy sleep…this was […]

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I hear a lot of the same (good!) questions about sleep. A lot of things we think to be true about baby sleep are actually not the case. What I love about this job is that I can help spread information that was so crucial to our understanding of healthy […]

Is you child getting enough sleep to excel in school this year? The start of the new school year is just around the corner.  Most of us have prepared by purchasing our kids new folders, pencils and backpacks, but have you thought about their sleep?  Did you know that their is a direct correlation between […]

Well Rested Sleep Tip: 4 Reasons to Resolve to Make Your Child’s Sleep a Priority in 2016 Eat better, exercise more, curse less – these are all great resolutions and ones that most of us have made in the past. But have you ever resolved to get more sleep? If not, that should be your […]

Well Rested Sleep Tip: Give Your Child the Gift of Sleep   This holiday season, give your child (and your self!) the gift of sleep. Baby, toddler, preschooler, 3rd grader, highschooler, adult. No matter your age, sleep is one of our most important biological needs. As my favorite sleep guru Dr. Marc Weissbluth has said […]

by guest blogger Katharine Murphy What’s a sweet enough kid, you ask? A kiddo with calm but engaged energy, who is ready to learn and join activities, sleeps well and eats well, with a smile for days, and who doesn’t ask for a sugary snack every 90 seconds…isn’t that what we all want for our […]