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In honor of World Breast Feeding Week, I thought I would discuss two topics near and dear to me: Sleep & Breast Feeding. With my occupation, it is a no brainer that I love all things sleep. However, it may surprise you that breast feeding is also way up there in my priority list. Why […]

Yesterday, fellow founder Heather Hartzell sent me this NY TIMES Mother Load Opinion Piece – Sleep Training at 8 Weeks: ‘Do You Have the Guts?’.  Sleep training at 8 weeks?  With such a sensational headline, I had to read it right away.  My immediate reaction as a mom and a pediatric sleep consultant was “hell no, I […]

We have always said, that a baby who knows how to self soothe will always choose their most important biological need – be it food or sleep. This article supports this advice and even shows that by continuing night feedings for babies who are not in need of night time calories, we may be resetting […]