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Terrible Two’s at Nap Time Please check out my first guest blogger gig on Kansas City Mom’s Blog – click here for original post! Around age two, many children start to have periods of nap regression. In fact, I went through one with my toddler just last week. It is indeed very frustrating when your norm changes so […]

The Third Nap – a “bonus” nap which is simply used to keep your baby rested until bedtime.  It is the only nap that doesn’t serve an actual biological purpose or occur during a circadian rhythm.  Naps one and two occur during one of your baby’s biological sleep waves and actually serve two different biological […]

As it’s National Napping Day, I think its appropriate to discuss the how and why of your child’s naps. Starting at around 4 months, your baby’s biological rhythms kick in and suddenly it becomes very important WHEN you child sleeps. We all have biological clocks called circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the rotation of […]