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No matter your child’s age, there are 5 key elements that if applied consistently lead to healthy sleep!  Here is our tough-love, no nonsense, guide to getting  your child’s sleep on track and keeping it there: I became a pediatric sleep consultant after having a terrible time getting my first child to sleep. After researching for tips and advice […]

Do you have an early bird?  Our tips to teach your child it’s better to wait until later to catch the worm! I receive at least one email a week from a flustered parent whose child is waking every day at 5a.m.  Their child is otherwise a great sleeper – going to sleep easily at […]

We have always said, that a baby who knows how to self soothe will always choose their most important biological need – be it food or sleep. This article supports this advice and even shows that by continuing night feedings for babies who are not in need of night time calories, we may be resetting […]

As it’s National Napping Day, I think its appropriate to discuss the how and why of your child’s naps. Starting at around 4 months, your baby’s biological rhythms kick in and suddenly it becomes very important WHEN you child sleeps. We all have biological clocks called circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the rotation of […]