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Do you have an early bird?  Our tips to teach your child it’s better to wait until later to catch the worm! I receive at least one email a week from a flustered parent whose child is waking every day at 5a.m.  Their child is otherwise a great sleeper – going to sleep easily at […]

Here is my blog post for Boston Parent’s Paper on Sickness and Sleep. Click here for original article – “Sniffles, Sneezes, and Sleep”. You’ve finally gotten your baby or toddler on a solid sleep routine and everyone is getting the sleep they need, then – BAM – sickness strikes. Having a sick baby or toddler […]

Did you know that many recent studies have shown a direct correlation between adequate sleep and academic success? Is your child getting all the sleep they need to be their best this school year? Check out my article (here)  that was featured in the 2014/15 Education and Enrichment Guide with six easy tips to ensure that […]