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A complete sleep primer for new parents to be. As an expecting parent there is so much to think about in preparing for your little one’s arrival. After this class you can take any worries about infant sleep off the list. Though formal sleep training is not advised for a child that is under four months of age, there are still many things that you can do to promote sleep from the beginning. This class will teach you soothing skills to help your baby through the “fourth trimester”. We will also discuss how to create a strong foundation for sleep. Our goal is to enable you to teach your baby healthy sleep habits right from the very start. Please email me at amy@wellrestedbaby.com to sign up or for more information.

Date: Wednesday, July 25th
Time: 6:30-8pm
Location: Mud Puddle Toys – Birth Bliss Classroom
221 Essex Street (the pedestrian walkway) in Salem
Price: $50 per family ($40 for families already enrolled in Birth Bliss Child Birth Classes)
Refreshments will be provided

A new report in the Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics says the duration of children’s sleep declined by an average of .73 minutes per year between 1897 and 2009 (for a total decline of more than 80 minutes). There is no doubt that many children are not getting the sleep that they need, but how much sleep is actually needed? Many sleep experts offer hours of sleep needed per day by age group, but this need varies greatly from child to child. Our favorite sleep expert Dr. Weissbluth (a well respected pediatrician who deals in child sleep issues) has a great rule of thumb for this question. He does not recommend an hours needed by age, instead he says “how does your child look near the end of the day; does your child appear to be well rested?”. If your child goes to bed reasonably happy and does not seem overtired then yes, your child is getting enough sleep. We think that is a great way to view the topic.

What are you doing this Saturday from 11:15-12:15? The forecast calls for
rain/snow! Come to Romparoo for a meet and greet with the Sleep Consultants
from Well Rested Baby. While your kids play we will be on hand to offer advice
and answer your sleep questions.

Romparoo – 537 Park Avenue, Hoboken NJ 07030
Saturday, February 11th 11:15-12:15pm
Open Play for ages 6 months – 3 yrs

Please rsvp to info@wellrestedbaby.com by Friday evening as space constraints apply.

Join us Thursday, March 8th at K.C. Kids (463 5th Street Hoboken, NJ 07030) from 7-9pm for a Sip-N-Shop Event. We will be on hand to introduce ourselves, explain our services, and answer your sleep questions. K.C. Kids will be offering 20% off all purchases during this informative and fun shopping event!