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photoI live in a 250 year old home sans central air. This past week when my husband lugged the window units into my daugthers’ rooms and their once perfectly pitched black rooms became sun filled, I was determined to find a solution. 15 minutes, one roll of packing tape, and one $5.97 redi-shade blackout blind later their rooms are back to their cave like state. I simply cut 18 inches from the bottom of the shade and then cut it in half to divide it into two sections (one for each side of the AC).  I made sure that they were taller than the actual air conditioner so that they would over lap a bit when the main shade came down.  I taped these side peices with the “accordions” in the vertical direction to both the window frame and the air conditioner. I was careful to use as little tape as possible on the frame as I do not want to mess up the paint! I then took the top portion of the blind, cut it to fit my window, stuck it up using the self adhesive, and voila – a perfectly dark window with air conditioning unit!  Best of all when the main shade is clipped up you can not see it at all.  I also have vinyl pull down shades that typically go under my fabric black out curtains which I will pull down too over the top black out shade to the top of the AC unit (yes, I am obsessed with a dark room!).  Also, please note the pink card tape on one side as a flap that goes over the LED lit control panel.  Those little lights can reek havoc too and it is a good practice to cover up any in bedrooms rooms.  Happy Summer everyone and stay cool!

Join us for our upcoming Expectant Parent Sleep Seminar:

A complete sleep primer for new parents to be. As an expecting parent there is so much to think about in preparing for your little one’s arrival. After this class you can take any worries about infant sleep off the list. Though formal sleep training is not advised for a child that is under four months of age, there are still many things that you can do to promote sleep from the beginning. This class will teach you soothing skills to help your baby through the “fourth trimester”. We will also discuss how to create a strong foundation for sleep. Our goal is to enable you to teach your baby healthy sleep habits right from the very start.

Date: March 2nd from 10:30am-12:00pm
Location: Mud Puddle Toys – Birth Bliss Classroom 221 Essex Street (the pedestrian walkway) in Salem
Price: $50 per family ($40 for families already enrolled in Birth Bliss Child Birth Classes & for Isis parenting clients)
Refreshments will be provided

Amy Lage, Certified Child Sleep Consultant and co-owner of Well Rested Baby will teach all Classes. Please contact Amy at amy@wellrestedbaby.com or 631-786-9706 with any questions or to enroll in a class.

My wonderful colleague Tracy from The Parenting Toolbox shared this amazing idea and several of us have jumped on board. In the spirit of the season, Well Rested Baby would like to provide a deserving family with assistance with their little one’s sleep. Do you know a family who is struggling with sleep issues and their financial situation does not allow them to afford our services? If so, why not help by nominating them (confidentially)? To be eligible, the child must be between the ages of 4 months and 4 years old and the family must be comfortable sharing their sleep issues with Well Rested Baby privately. WRB will not share any names or other information publicly, so please send your nomination via a private Facebook message. In order to nominate a family you must be a fan of this Facebook page. One nominee per person please. The winning family will receive a free 60 Minute Phone/Skype/Facetime Consult, a Customized Sleep Plan and Two Weeks of follow up Email Support. Nominations will be accepted (via private Facebook message) through December 14th at 3pm EST. Both the nominee and winning family will be notified via email on December 15th. Happy Holidays everyone!

November? Time is quickly flying by and holiday season will be upon us before you can blink. While it is certainly ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, it certainly can be hectic. This year your child’s sleep doesn’t need to provide added grief. Here are some tips to keep your little one rested during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. http://hoboken.mommies247.com/hot-topics/sleep-tip-tuesday-holiday-travel/