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Well Rested Baby was founded in 2011 by Family Sleep Institute certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants Amy Lage and Heather Hartzell. Both parents of a toddler, Amy and Heather decided to supplement all of the reading, thinking and talking they did about their children’s sleep with a formal sleep education so that they could help other families achieve the same great results they have seen in their own children! As Family Sleep Institute Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants, it is our goal to help tired families get the sleep they need.

Lauren Stauffer, Owner & Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

Lauren has always had a special love for babies, so when she found out she was having not one – but two babies – she was thrilled! However despite all the advice and suggestions she received about the challenges of parenting multiples, no one offered advice about infant sleep. She naively hoped that maybe her babies would just be “good sleepers.” She quickly realized this was not the case and knew she needed help! Getting two babies to sleep simultaneously was overwhelming and frustrating.

When Lauren reached out to Amy she was not only exhausted but also completely confused. Following several consultations with Amy she gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and her girls began sleeping 12-13 hours a night! Lauren’s interest in pediatric sleep was cultivated in the process and she decided she wanted to become a consultant herself. Lauren knew this was a great opportunity to fuse her love for teaching and her love for babies, as well as her experience with multiples, to help other families.

Lauren believes that pediatric sleep is a topic that deserves more attention and that expectant parents should all have the opportunity to learn the skills they will need prior to the sleepless nights. Lauren knows how desperate one can feel after nights, weeks or even months of interrupted sleep.

Prior to becoming a parent and a pediatric sleep consultant Lauren taught elementary school full time. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Education and Spanish from Worcester State University. In addition she has her Masters degree in English as a Second Language from Cambridge College. She lives just outside of Boston in Melrose, with her husband Perry and their twin daughters Liana and Charlotte (2 1/2 years).

Lauren Stauffer

Amy Lage, Founder & Advisor:

Amy prepared for the arrival of her daughter by reading everything she could find on what to expect for the first year. While this was excellent information, nothing she read discussed anything about infant sleep. Like most new parents she thought this was something her daughter would just do when she was tired. When this proved to be an incorrect assumption, Amy and her husband read everything they could get their hands on in attempt to get their daughter’s sleep (and their own) on track. After 8 sleepless months they were at a loss for what to do and hired a sleep consultant. Even with their knowledge of what they should be doing, it took their consultants guidance to consistently put it all in to play. Her aid was immeasurable — within a week, their daughter was taking fantastic naps and sleeping 12 hours straight each night. Amy was thrilled to be able to share her knowledge with other parents and transform their lives (as hers was) by helping them get a good night sleep! Over the past six years, Amy helped hundreds families to learn healthy sleep habits and taught them the skills necessary for a life time of great sleeping.  While Amy no longer consults with families she continues to support the Well Rested Baby team.

Before becoming a pediatric sleep consultant, Amy spent over 10 years in the retail world as an off price buyer, most recently for Century 21 Department Stores. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Apparel Marketing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Amy, her husband Jeff, their 4 year old Stella, their 22 month old Harley, and their two dogs Jackson and Cody live in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts


Emily Brown, Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

Soon after the arrival of Emily’s youngest child, she realized that the little bit of sleep she was getting with her previous two children was now history! Her son would take cat naps throughout the day that lasted no more than 20-30 minutes and his favorite place to sleep was in her arms. As much as Emily loved all the snuggles, she also knew that it was those poor sleep habits that made it extra challenging at times for her to find the energy to mother like she wanted to. By the time her son reached 5 months of age, Emily and her husband had become exhausted, and decided to reach out to Amy at Well Rested Baby. Amy gave Emily tons of useful information on how to get her son on a healthy, age-appropriate sleep schedule as well as explained the science behind it. Emily and her husband were so thankful for Amy’s advice and put her plan into action right away. Within two weeks, Emily’s son was sleeping wonderfully and both she and her husband were blown away by their son’s results. From that point on Emily was intrigued by pediatric sleep, and was more than thrilled when the offer to become a Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Well Rested Baby came about. Emily is very eager to start helping other families instill healthy sleep habits in their children and is proud to be a part of the Well Rested Baby team.

Emily is a stay at home mom and lives in Trimble, MO (a small town on the outskirts of Kansas City) with her husband, Kevin, their three children, Ella (8), Kohen (6) and Kruze (2) and their two dogs, Baron and Gracie.


Vanessa Quick, Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

After the birth of her second child, Vanessa quickly realized that she needed to get some more sleep. Having a 21-month-old daughter at the time of his birth, Vanessa wanted to make sure that her daughter continued napping, and stayed on her current schedule. This became a challenge, and sleep became a major priority for her and her family. Her daughter was a wonderful sleeper from the beginning, so she assumed her second child would be, too. Boy, was she wrong! He would wake up multiple times throughout the night, and his naps were unpredictable. After following Amy’s blog, she quickly realized that she needed to meet with Amy. Amy was holding a Sleep Seminar, and Vanessa signed up immediately. When Vanessa left that seminar, she knew she wanted to become a sleep consultant. Fast forward a year and a half, and here she is!

Before becoming a sleep consultant, Vanessa was a Special Education teacher at an elementary school, as well as middle school. She also teaches Child Development classes for children aged birth-3 years. Vanessa resides in Marblehead, Massachusetts with her husband, Ryan, her daughter Charlotte (3.5 years), her son Bennett (22 months) and her 5-year-old Labrador retriever, Nelson.


Kristen Kotowski, Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

Kristen’s passion for children and sleep started in her college years studying for her degree in Early Childhood and Human Development. When she had her daughter in 2014, she recalled one of her classes on the importance of sleep and its role in brain development in early childhood. At this point she began researching infant sleep and also looking for local resources to make sure she set up the best foundation of sleep for her daughter. When she found out about a Sleep Seminar that Amy was holding, she eagerly signed up. After taking this class she was even more hooked and knew this was something she was deeply passionate about and wanted to help other families understand the importance of sleep with their children.

Before becoming a pediatric sleep consultant, Kristen worked for over 15 years as an Account Manager. Her industry experience is vast, but in the most recent years she worked with fortune 500 companies such as General Electric and as a National Account manager managing Goodyear Tire. Kristen has held a license in Early Childhood and Human Development as well as being a real estate broker for over 12 years in both Oregon and Massachusetts. Kristen currently resides in Beverly, Massachusetts with her husband, Jason, their daughter Charlotte (2), and their 3-year-old golden retriever Moose.

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Colleen Kordana, Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

When Colleen and her husband found out they were having twins, they were shocked – and quickly stocked up on books about baby sleep. For the first few months, their babies were good sleepers, but around 4 months of age all of the progress seemed to disappear. Desperate to get things back on track before returning to work, Colleen reached out to Amy for help. The knowledge she gained was invaluable and things quickly improved beyond what Colleen had imagined – sleeping 12-13 hours a night and taking scheduled naps! Additionally, the girls were well-rested and much happier during the day.

From that point on, Colleen was hooked, and often found herself sharing information about sleep training with her friends. She decided to become a pediatric sleep consultant to continue to learn about healthy sleep habits and help dispense this information to tired families who could benefit from the education and support.

As a full-time working mom of twins, life can be very busy, but Colleen credits sleep training with helping her family stay well-balanced and able to function at their highest potential. Colleen has a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and a Masters in Health Administration from Suffolk University. She works in healthcare quality improvement and lives in Wakefield, Massachusetts with her husband, their identical twin daughters Celia and Evie, and their dog Brewster.


Heather Hartzell, Founder & Pediatric Sleep Consultant:

As a first time parent, Heather assumed that her daughter would “sleep like a baby” with minimal effort — and after many sleepless nights and skipped naps was saddened to learn this was not the case!  After reading everything she could put her hands on about infant sleep, Heather got her daughter on a naptime and nighttime sleep schedule, taught her how to soothe herself to sleep and learned that, with a bit of effort and a whole lot of consistency, every baby can become a great sleeper.

Before becoming a pediatric sleep consultant, Heather was an Intellectual Property litigation associate at a large law firm in Boston.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin and Classical Civilizations from Wellesley College and a J.D. degree from Boston College Law School.  Heather, her husband Kevin, their 4 year old daughter Ryleigh, their 20 month old Micah, their 2 month old Audrey, and miniature schnauzer Simon currently reside in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Heather is currently taking a step back from Well Rested Baby to focus fully on her family, but is still actively involved as a sounding board and assists greatly as chief editor in all of Amy’s writing.

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