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In addition to being a Family Sleep Institute Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Amy Lage has continued her quest for knowledge to better help tired families by taking the following continuing education courses:

  • SIDS for the Professional Certification – Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
  • Postpartum Depression: What are the Signs and Getting Mom Help First – Sarah Stern, Ph.D
  • Working with Families of Children with Special Needs – Debbie Sasson, PsyD
  • Child Development: A Consideration as Part of the Solution – Sharyn Timerman
  • Adult Sleep Issues: Helping the “Whole” Family – PattyTucker, PA-C
  • Psychological Factors that Impact Parental Investment in the Consultation Process – Dr. Sasha Carr
  • Potty Training: As It Effects Sleep
  • Chiropractic & Infant/Toddler Sleep Disturbances – Dr. Glory Eidt
  • IACSC Webinar: A case based approach to behavioral pediatric sleep disorders – Dr. Reshma Amin MD, Msc, FRCPC, Hospital For Sick Children
  • Bedtime Battles: Insights from Pediatric Sleep Researh – Thomas Heffron, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Amy is also the resident sleep expert for the Hoboken Mommies Parenting Community Website, Moxy & Main, and is a monthly contributor on the Boston Mamas Blog.  She has also published articles in several online parenting websites and regional periodicals such as: