About Our Baby Sleep Experts, Night Nurse Baby -

Whether you are looking for a quick answer to a nagging question about your child’s sleep or you are in need of a complete overhaul of your child’s sleep plan, Well Rested Baby can help you achieve the good night’s sleep that is every parent’s dream!  Well Rested Baby does not advocate any one particular sleep training method.  Instead, we take a family centered approach to the process of improving your child’s sleep, listening to your concerns as parents and discussing with you the best plan to get your child’s sleep back on track or off to a good start.  We truly believe that every child can be a good sleeper — it takes time, patience and some effort but Well Rested Baby is here to educate you and support you through the process.


Well Rested Baby will help you:

  • Teach your child the process of self-soothing which is often the key to a good night’s sleep.
  • Address and correct any pre-existing bad sleep habits.
  • Create and implement an age-appropriate nap and nighttime sleep schedule for your child.
  • Ensure that your child’s nursery or other sleep environment is conducive to healthy and lengthy sleep.
  • Learn your child’s sleepy cues and create or tweak your soothing routine.
  • Understand the importance of sleep to your child’s mental, physical and emotional growth and well-being.
  • Plan ahead for sleep milestones and transitions, such as moving to a “big kid’s” bed or ending naps.