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Well Rested Sleep Tip: 4 Reasons to Resolve to Make Your Child’s Sleep a Priority in 2016 Eat better, exercise more, curse less – these are all great resolutions and ones that most of us have made in the past. But have you ever resolved to get more sleep? If not, that should be your […]

Well Rested Sleep Tip: Give Your Child the Gift of Sleep   This holiday season, give your child (and your self!) the gift of sleep. Baby, toddler, preschooler, 3rd grader, highschooler, adult. No matter your age, sleep is one of our most important biological needs. As my favorite sleep guru Dr. Marc Weissbluth has said […]

Keeping Your Little Llamas Rested During the Holidays Heather Andersen, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant “Time to buy and search and shop. Mama carries. Llama drops.” “Llama Llama holidays. Hustle bustle. Cooking craze. Measure sugar. Roll the dough. Ten more batches left to go…”  “Too much music, too much fluff! Too much everything for Llama…Llama Llama […]