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The Third Nap – a “bonus” nap which is simply used to keep your baby rested until bedtime.  It is the only nap that doesn’t serve an actual biological purpose or occur during a circadian rhythm.  Naps one and two occur during one of your baby’s biological sleep waves and actually serve two different biological […]

Yesterday, fellow founder Heather Hartzell sent me this NY TIMES Mother Load Opinion Piece – Sleep Training at 8 Weeks: ‘Do You Have the Guts?’.  Sleep training at 8 weeks?  With such a sensational headline, I had to read it right away.  My immediate reaction as a mom and a pediatric sleep consultant was “hell no, I […]

Want your child to sleep through the night, but can’t stand the thought of letting him cry it out?  I have good news: you can teach your child healthy sleep habits and self soothing skills without compromising your parenting beliefs and morals.   As a mom of two young children, I am part of a few […]

Think it takes the luck of the Irish to have a great sleeper? Think again. Having a child who loves to sleep is not a game of chance; it simply takes providing them a with a healthy foundation so they can learn this skill. Sure, some children are just easier going in general and are […]

We have always said, that a baby who knows how to self soothe will always choose their most important biological need – be it food or sleep. This article supports this advice and even shows that by continuing night feedings for babies who are not in need of night time calories, we may be resetting […]

As it’s National Napping Day, I think its appropriate to discuss the how and why of your child’s naps. Starting at around 4 months, your baby’s biological rhythms kick in and suddenly it becomes very important WHEN you child sleeps. We all have biological clocks called circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the rotation of […]